Atomic Glow Tumblers

Atomic Glow Tumblers
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Atomic Glow Tumblers are perfect Glow in the Dark Cups for almost any occasion! Our Atomic Glow Tumblers are awesome 12oz cups that come in every standard neon color. We guarantee you won’t find a higher quality neon glow cup anywhere. Trust us…., WE’VE LOOKED! Glow stick is built within the cup. No external sticks are needed.

Height: 5.5″
Top Diameter: 3″
Bottom Diameter: 2.30″
Ounces: 12

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6″ Battery Powered Blacklight

Check Price for 6

This mini-flourescent Blacklight is only 6″ long but packs a powerful punch! It’s 4 watts, 365 nanometers longwave. You can use it to validate cards, money, and other items. It will detect invisible ink, pet stains, scorpions and other insects. It has an attached lanyard loop to keep it with your luggage or on a necklace.

Batteries: 4 AA (not included)..

LED Skull Headboppers (NEW!)

LED Skull Headboppers (NEW!)
Check Price for LED Skull Headboppers (NEW!)

These Light Up Skull Head Boppers are a staple for Trick-or-Treating and Halloween parties and festivities! Everyone will want to know where you got them! Just turn them on with the push of a button and watch them light up! Set off your Halloween costume today before these cute headboppers are gone!

Includes (3) AG10 Batteries..

Marvel Glow Lollipop

Marvel Glow Lollipop
Check Price for Marvel Glow Lollipop

If you really want a Glowing treat, checkout these Marvel Glow Lollipops! Pick your favorite super hero and let them guide you to a sweet victory. Simply pull out the Glow Stick from the Lollipop, crack and shake the Glow Stick, then place it back inside the Lollipop and close the cap. You’ll have a fully Glowing candy that’ll blow everyone away. Spiderman is Strawberry flavored, Captain America is blueberry flavored, The Hulk is green apple flavored, and Iron Man is orange flavored. All are approximately 11″ long..

Ultimate Glow Party Pack: Version 1

Ultimate Glow Party Pack: Version 1
Check Price for Ultimate Glow Party Pack: Version 1

So you love throwing parties no one forgets but need a little help with ambiance? We got you covered like a blacklight with this Ultimate Glow Party Kit. Basically, all you’ll need to do now is get the people there and spike the punch. First off, everyone gets a glow bracelet or two since you’ll be getting 50 pieces total! Then you’ll get 6 atomic glow cups that will make drinking more fun than it already is. Add a whopping pack of 25 glow sticks to the mix for extra flashiness and 12 pairs of glow eyeglasses to pop. Throw 2 glow beach balls into the party and hear the crowd roar. I mean it’s a ton of stuff and there’s so much extra for free:
50 / Glow Necklaces: Mixed Colors
2 / Glow Beach Balls
12 / Glow Eyeglasses
24 / 6″ Glow Sticks
6 / Atomic Glow Cups

This party will go down in history, or shall I say “glow” down in history.

*Colors of glow sticks and items in party packs may vary..

Glow Stir Sticks: Assorted (100-Pack)

Glow Stir Sticks: Assorted (100-Pack)
Check Price for Glow Stir Sticks: Assorted (100-Pack)

Glow Stir Sticks (or Swizzle Sticks) allow you to stir your drink up right and have fun doing it with our 5 inch glow stir sticks. Sold in tubes of 100, sterilized and ready for action right away!

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Glow Hoop Earrings (1 pair per pack)

Glow Hoop Earrings (1 pair per pack)
Check Price for Glow Hoop Earrings (1 pair per pack)

A new twist on glow earrings. Glow Hoop Earrings give you a a great way to add some style and flare to your event or to your night out on the town. They are clip on earrings so they are great for all ages. (Sold in Pairs)

Video Coming Soon!!

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8″ Bi-Color Glow Bracelet Red/Blue (100-Pack)

Check Price for 8

These bi-color red and blue glow bracelets are packed 100 pieces per tube and they come packaged with the connectors separate. Perfect for fundraising, parties, and major events these bracelets are guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser. PLEASE NOTE: connectors are NOT attached on these bracelets, but they are included. Item Code: GLO-8RB1 Product Color: Red/Blue Width: 5mm Length: 8″ Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 6-12 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 100 Glow bracelets per Case: 2000 Connectors: Included Suggested Retail: $1.00- $3.00.

LED Snowflake Ornament

LED Snowflake Ornament
Check Price for LED Snowflake Ornament

This LED Snowflake Ornament will have you feeling like Jack Frost let in the cold breeze. It’s beautiful and enchanting with one mode of multi-color, fading light. It’s like an enchanted jewel that will make your Holiday decorations or tree sparkle with exuberance. Approximately 4″ diameter. Batteries: (1) CR2032 (included). *CHECK OUT THE VIDEO TO SEE IT IN ACTION..

22″ Premium Glow Necklaces Red (50 per Pack)

Check Price for 22

These vibrant necklaces will have you feeling happy. Unlike inferior products, our necklaces are 6 mm wide and come with the connectors already attached. Perfect for a variety of ages, save both time and money by using SureGlow brand necklaces at your next big event. Item Code: GLO-22RE Product Color: Red Width: 6mm Length: 22″ Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 6-12 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 50 Necklaces per Case: 600 Connectors: Attached Suggested Retail: $2.00- $4.00

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